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Sal Eva  — Comprar Sal Eva, Precio de , Fotos de Sal Eva, de Sociedad Comercial Casona El Monte Ltda. Sal alimenticia en Allbiz Chile
    Sal Eva  — Comprar Sal Eva, Precio de , Fotos de Sal Eva, de Sociedad Comercial Casona El Monte Ltda. Sal alimenticia en Allbiz Chile
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    Sal Eva  — Comprar Sal Eva, Precio de , Fotos de Sal Eva, de Sociedad Comercial Casona El Monte Ltda. Sal alimenticia en Allbiz Chile
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    EmbalajeSACOS DE 25 o 50 KG

    EVA SALT, is a 100% natural salt reduced by 37% sodium; excellent seasoning and healthy for your body. Provides minerals, including magnesium to fix the calcium in the bones, ppm lithium helps people prone to depression or bipolar disorder, among other benefits.

    The Atacama Desert

    Atacama, or Desierto de Atacama, is situated west of the Andes mountains in northern Chile. A desert plateau, the Atacama occupies some 105,000 km2 of sand and felsic lava. A number of weather stations there have never reported a single drop of rain and some of the riverbeds have been dry for a long long time. The Atacama desert is one of Earth´s most sterile areas. High altitude, jet streams, unforgiving sun and bitterly cold nights make life tough for the people who live here, and impossible for anything else. In fact, the Atacama is used by NASA to mimic the harsh environment of Mars while the pollution-free air makes it the best spot on the Globe for space telescopes and observatories. 

      EVA SALT open, blue salines – the ponds where water is evaporated by the sun itself – require no filters or roofs. Although the air is full of oxygen, there are no birds, bees or bugs. It’s eco sans effort.

    A unique grain

    To meet government requirements concerning the salt content of manufactured products, the food industry has struggled for many years to find an artificial solution. Either by altering their recipes, and thereby sacrificing the brand’s values and consumer appreciation, or by compensating with blends that only approximate the taste of the original formula. Unfortunately, these blends often have a harsh and bitter edge to them, not to mention problems with consistency throughout each batch. With only 63% sodium content, EVA SALT unique grain radically lowers the sodium content of any product to which it is added. There is rarely any need to change the original recipe of a product when switching from ordinary, high-sodium salt to EVA SALT with its lower sodium content.


    All eyes on salt

    For many decades, local and regional health authorities throughout the world have been closely monitoring salt consumption among the general public. In recent years, this has led to global attempts to set requirements and standards for the international food industry. As approximately 75% of all the salt we consume comes from processed foods, this is becoming an urgent matter throughout the industry. The pressure from governments and legislation is already palpable and many food manufacturers feel they are on the horns of a dilemma: either they must lower the sodium content of their products and lose brand value, taste and customers or spend time and effort negotiating with public authorities and the media.

     The Extraction Process

     30 - 50 metres below the Atacama desert crust we pump up the mineral-rich sea water that forms the EVA SALT crystal. The land in this part of the desert consists of solidified salt, mud and lava. Nothing can survive or grow in this environment. Yet beneath the surface are the murmuring waters of an underground lake with a unique composition of earth minerals. 

    The mineral rich sea water is pumped into large ponds from several pumping stations throughout this great desert. The strong rays of the sun slowly evaporate the water as it is transferred in steps from one pond to the next. Unique EVA SALT crystals form completely naturally in the final pond. Once it has dried in the sun, the salt is gathered into heaps for further drying to take place. EVA SALT is then packed into bags and placed in storage. There are facilities here for further drying of the salt, as well as the addition of anti-caking agents and iodine.




    23 million years ago, underground salt lakes were formed in the sterile Atacama Desert. This mineral rich water is pumped from a depth of 30-70m into salines. The water is then evaporated under the hot desert sun, creating a unique type of salt. Its natural composition, with sodium chloride and potassium chloride crystals in the same grain, makes a great and balanced saltiness.

    Salt EVA is mainly aimed at the food industry, which strives to reduce the salt in their foods, according to WHO requirements, but also at consumers who wish to reduce their salt intake, while maintaining taste and quality. Salt EVA works well in e.g. sausage, minced meat and bread, and as a table salt at home.

    The Salar de Atacama is the largest salt deposit in Chile and is located south east of San Pedro de Atacama, Region II. It is formed in a depression without water outlet that receives the river San Pedro de Atacama and multiple streams. It covers 3,000 kilometers (km.) Square and measures 100 km. long and 80 km. wide, making it the third largest in America and the world after Uyuni in Bolivia and the Great Salt Lake in Utah in the United States.



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